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Our mission: (In accordance with the Code of Practice)

To provide any wildlife with emergency medical care and, where possible, rehabilitation to 100% health before release.

Our Partners

We collaborate closely with partners who hold specific species permits for the best outcomes: 

Daintree Life Rehabilitates and cares for our flying foxes, bats and microbats.

Wildlife and Raptor Care Queensland cares for and rehabilitates our emergency raptor patients.

Deb at the frog hospital in Tully remotely oversees our amphibian patients.

Julie at Seabird Rescue advises and consults for our seabird rescues.


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We and/or our partners hold permits for the care of  Reptiles, Birds, Seabirds, Frogs, Sea Turtles (DES), Macropods, Possums and Gliders.


PDWR has been rescuing and caring for the local wildlife for more than10 years. We work in coordination with other experienced and licenced carers and with local vets  and nurses.

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